MCFoods: A Healthy Breakfast Options

“Eat Well and Travel Often”

Breakfast at 7Stones Boracay Suites restaurant (7th Note Cafe and Deli) was very satisfactory. The location and the ambiance was perfect and cozy place plus a good selection of music. The service staff were commendable for their utmost kind of attention given to us. The kitchen staff were also have to be commended for the simple yet well presented foods.

If you happen to visit Boracay Island, include this place for your quick relaxation over good foods and drinks. Walk-in guests are pretty much welcome here.

Here are some of the breakfast selection that we have had taken and will probably go back here again and again :).

House Corned Beef

(Recipes: Sodium Nitrite, Pink Salt, beef broth,salt and black pepper)

The style of the corned beef was amazing. I have not seen any cube like corned beef in any other restaurants. Amazing!

Beef Short Ribs Tapa

(Recipes: Sodium nitrite, brown sugar, salt, knorr seasoning and oyster sauce)

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