About Me

“Always remember that good people becomes better one when you have passion to help.” 

Hi, I’m MCAROONS. Just a screen name though but you can call me whatever you like either Ron, Del, or Rondel. Am a Human Resource employee fighting for humanity hahaha. I am currently living in Boracay Island, Philippines. I took up Hotel and Restaurant Management at AMA University, far from being a psychology graduate for the HR position. But hey, sometimes life don’t depend on what you have studied. Mostly it depends on you on how you work it out.

Managing people is hard. Writing articles is hard. Life is too hard as well, right? But dwelling on it is fun. To make it more fun I travel. Naks.

I made this site to do both. Traveling and meet new people. Embracing their culture even if I have only traveled so far in my own country. Because Philippines has a lot to offer. Culture + People is how I love Philippines.

I guess you’re here because you want to know a bit about me. I’m not  good at all to tell you about me, but I’ll give it a shoot. I have a passion to help everyone, as much as possible. I am a very open and friendly person. A happy person. A God fearing person.

I love meeting people that is why i go travel. I wanted to see how they lived their life despite of struggle and how I can impart my experience as well. Giving them motivations. I may not be able to give them financially but listening and giving some advises is what matter for me.

By the way, I am not a travel. I cannot afford to go anywhere even domestic. My travel I did was just to visit places and experience their culture and to unwind.

For now its just me, Rondel Omayan Paradero who also dream of owning a low end restaurant with a 5 star guest service someday. Where most of my diners will be from lowest income class. I wanted to served them and let them feel how 5 star hotel and restaurant accommodate their guests.

I am with my nephews and nieces in Cebu. I am a family oriented person. I love my family. So every time I gone home I cannot leave without visiting them.

About Food: Oh yes. I love eating. Diet has no place in my life. Not now.

When I’m down and lonely I got out and laid myself at the famous white beach of Boracay Island, Philippines for a sunset gazing.


I don’t see myself as a blogger. A real blogger. Why? Because i’m not a native English speaker. And I am not really that good in English so pardon on my grammar, please.

My purpose of having a website is just that I wanted to share to everyone the beauty of nature especially the wonders of my own Country, the Philippines. It’s a wonderland indeed.

But even if i am not good in English, I am pretty sure that whatever posted on my site can be easily understood because i wrote it in a very simple way. The only way where I can easily express myself :).

Working as a blogger?

We don’t know, one of these days I can work with some brands.


Yeah. I took some good shoots and some are not for the fact that I am not a professional photographer. I am not also good in Photoshop hahahha.