MCTravel: Andres Resort, Nabas Aklan

I plan to travel to Hacienda Maria in Buruanga but because my time last Friday  that was so constraint that didn’t allow me to push through it. This morning I saw a facebook post regarding this big white “Castle” in Nabas.

I was hesitant to pursue for this visit because i know there is only a swimming pool and a Castle and nothing to expect more. When one of my friend who is living in nearby Nabas responded to join me so i packed up and left Boracay quarter to 10 AM.


From Caticlan you may chose either a bus or a Van. In my case I took a Ceres bus for comfort. Drop off in front of the Nabas Church or the Municipal Hall. Then a short walk towards the entrance of the Resort.


The Castle can be seen from the road going to Kalibo and is situated in the middle of a vast rice fields. Who would have know that this is a Resort? When I was infront of the grand entrace I was feeling overwhelmed with the design. You can rarely see such big houses in the Philippines such as a castle. They have a nice landscape, clean surroundings, clear pool water. The slides are already operational unfortunately you need to bring some water up there so you will slid yourself down hahahaha. Actually there will be a man made waterfalls up there soon working.  (I do suggest to the management that they should install small fences surrounding the landscape because people were not using the pathways. They walked across everywhere they want. Maintenance of the garden is expensive.)

The Great Entrance

The building is a three story and still undergoing construction. The rooms are yet furnish but it has a television, hot and cold shower and a nice built in cabinet. They have a nice receiving area and a super accommodating front office staff. He was able to explain all the facilities of the resort and even guide us to the Restaurant and suggests to use the reserved table beside the pool, the best area of the Resort.

They have affordable food and drinks too. By the way just be honest when you see your bill lacking some items. In our case they forgot to charge us additional 2 bottles more of beer. 










When I arrived there were few people on the sides of the pool having their lunch and some were on chill time. Only few were swimming and mostly were kids. The pool is only 4 (i think) feet no wonder there is no life guard or a pool attendant but i suggest that they must have one pool attendant to look for the kids who were jumping and diving. They must have a pool regulations too not allowing kids diving and jumping to avoid unnecessary things to happen.

This is just a soft opening of the Resort but the crowd were so amazing. Now If you don’t like swimming you can just have a photo opts with the magnificent castle, the serene and natural beauty of the rice fields and the surrounding mountains or have yourself drink or try their native chicken for 450.00. They have a bar, a restaurant and a videoke room too where you can sing all day.

taken around 5:30PM

I took some light lunch and a beer before swimming. But since its weekend more and more and more kids, families, and a group of friends coming. So i decided to swim by 5PM. Unfortunately the pool were still crowded. So i end up going home around 5:30PM. I might visit this place soon during Mondays to Wednesday just to avoid a crowd during weekend.


The place is beautiful. The staff were accommodating and so far cleanliness are well kept in place. They were so helpful to us when each time our umbrella flown by strong winds.

This place is good for party goers, birth day celebration, excursion, Company outings etc. This will surely  a hit for the locals and nearby towns. And I am sure somehow that it will slash the revenue of nearby Hurom-hurom and Basang  Cold springs.

This is not however the right place for those who want peace, tranquility and relaxation. A place were you hear humming birds, the hush of fresh air and the sound of a running water in a river. People who doesn’t want to hear children playing around, shouting, people singing not in tune etc., then If you don’t like this kind of place you may try to visit

But Andres Resort is a worth place to visit dude. A place where you can also reminisce your childhood. How these children taken care, how they played under the heat of the sun, jumping, shouting, gone to the slides now then. Its a perfect place.  Book now before it becomes over crowded for the next few days before summer. They don’t have contact number yet. You can google maps the place or click for their Facebook page.

Fare (Ceres Bus): Caticlan- Nabas 50.00

(Van) Nabas- Caticlan 30.00 much cheaper than a bus.

Entrance Fee: 100.00/adult and 50.00 up to 12 year old.

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