Back Together @5

Reunited with your Elementary and High School friends is one of the most treasured memories. Reminiscing some old habits and exchanging pleasantries of the present and embracing the future that may lead us. We may not be ever complete our batch every year because most of us were busy with our work and some are outside of the Country.

Thanks to all who came and celebrate with us in a very simple way. We may not have a program so far but our conversation and chitchatting with each other was more than enough of a program. Thank you to all who sponsored our food and drinks to make this get together most celebrated.

Here are some of our not so many photos because we prefer to chat and mingle with our long lost friends.

By the way thank you to Arar an Mae and Imyat for joining me overnyt. Thank you also to Efren for the beer 🙂

Donors: please let me know if i have mistakenly poste the mount of your donations 🙂

Anonymous- 1,350.00

Esat- 1,000.00

Emeliano- 800.00

Jeyno- 300.00

Ethel- 200.00

Ar-ar- 200.00

Juvilyn- 300.00

Joan- 100.00


Lechon- 3,800.00

Poso- 200.00

Cottage Rental/Electricity- 970.00

Wireless Microphone- 1,395.00


Total Cash- 4,250.00

Total Expense- 6,365.00





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