Basic HR Key Control Points

“HR is not about being good doer. Its about how you get the best people in your firm”.

But what about if you HR staff or HR personnel does not know the basics of HR’s? You only hire your HR personnel because you want someone who can do such administrative works, filling, doing payroll and benefits and et cetera?

So here’s why I am sharing these keys. This is just the basic foundation of an HR in order to keep your department in control of everything.


The following must be available as a minimum in HR.

Check if there are:

1. Employee Records

a) Personnel files or 201 files


Pre-employment requirements (Health card, Brgy. Clearance, Birth Certificate, etc.)

Payroll Change Notices – for employee movements (hiring, regularization, promotions, transfers, salary revisions, resignation/termination, etc.

b) Leave/Absence records

c) Employee Masterlist – date of hire, actual salary, personnel information, etc.

d) Disciplinary records

e) Training records

f) Job Description

2. Organization Chart and key personnel

3. Manning guide, compensation, salary rates, and bonus

a) Manning – actual headcount

b) Salary rates/structure – check and review

c) Regular/Casual Status

4. Recruitment procedure and guidelines

a) Direct hiring or under manpower agency

b) Employment Contract/Agreement – is there a signed contract by respective employees?

c) Staff Orientation

d) Employee status – Regular, Probationary, Temporary, On-call

5. Attendance procedures and policies – policy violations regarding attendance log procedures

a) Daily Time Record – clock in/out

b) Hours of work and work schedule

c) Overtime policy – computation, approval for overtime, are they being paid for OT?

6. Payroll

a) Payroll schedule

b) Pay and performance (daily rate, holiday/OT pay, night diffrential,etc)

c) Thru cash or ATM

7. Employee Benefits/Benefits Availment

a) Government mandated benefits (SSS, Philhealth, Pagibig)

b) 13th month pay

c) Vacation and sick leaves entitlement, policy on leaves and time off (leave application procedure), include things like permissions, notices, time off that is job specific, and when it is okay to trade schedules with another Staff

e) Meal Allowance

f) Communication Allowance

g) Employee discounts on Resort services

8. Performance Appraisal – performance evaluation

a) Is there a way to measure performance?

b) If there is, is it annually/for promotion/for regularization?

9. Resignation/Termination of Employee

a) How do you handle Staff turnover?

b) Is there a due process that precedes terminating an employee?

c) Do you request resignation notice?

d) Is there Employee Clearance, Waiver and Quit Claim upon resignation?

10. Code of Discipline

a) Disciplinary procedure-show cause memo, decision memo

b) Classification of Offenses, cleansing of offenses, prescription period for penalty application, preventive suspension

c) Grievance procedure

11. Grooming Standards/Uniform policy

12. HR Forms

a) Leave forms, overtime forms, change of schedule form, etc.

b) Salary deduction forms (check if there is a policy)

13. Employee programs and activities if there is any

a) Employee of the month

b) Employee Birthday Celebration

c) Employee’s Monthly or Quarterly Movie Night

If you have additional key to include will be better. Please don’t forget to share this info to other HR practitioners.

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