Basic Service Sequence

 1.0            POLICY STATEMENT

It is the policy of MCAROONS Group of Restaurant to create a standard sequence of service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and the customers.

2.0            GUIDELINES 

  • Welcoming / Greeting the Guest

  • Seating the Guest

  • Presenting the Menu

  • Serving of Complimentary Water(Mineral)

  • Taking Beverage and Food order

  • Serving of Beverage

  • Serving the complimentary Bread

  • Serving of food according to Standard Sequence

  • Check Satisfaction

  • Offering of Desserts / Coffee / Tea

  • Serving of Dessert with Coffee or Tea

  • Bussing Out Procedure

  • Presenting The Guest Check

  • Thanking and Bidding Goodbye the Guest for patronage.

 3.0            PROCEDURES                

                 Welcoming/ Greeting the Guest                            

  • Approach the guests at once with a SMILE at the reception counter.

  • Acknowledge guest presence by establishing eye contact and by smiling.

  • Greet the guests by saying “Good morning Sir/Madam, may I help you?” or “Good evening, Sir/Madam, table for how many person?

  • If you recognize the guest, address the guest by name, “Good afternoon, Mr. Mcaroons, how are you?” or something similar to please the guest.

  • Ask guest/s preference if “smoking or Non-Smoking Are. Or tell them that the restaurant is a non-smoking zone. However they can smoke at the “pool bar”.

  • Guide guest/s to the best spot of the restaurant or their preference.

              Seating the Guest/s

  • Guest are led to their table by the most direct route. Do not leave them behind.

  • Show the guest to the table by saying, “Would you mind to come this way?” or “May I show you the way” Remember that eye contact and gestures are very important.

  • Use an open palm when directing which way to go.

  • While you are showing the way, do not walk in your own path without considering the guest’s speed.

  • Assist when sitting by pulling out and pushing back the chair gently. Make sure not to cause noise when pulling and pushing the chair by slightly lifting the chair an inch or two from the floor.

          Presenting the Menu 

  • Before presenting the menu say, “excuse me sir/madame here is the menu.

  • Introduce your name, “good morning/evening I’m Anna your server for tonight”.

  • Present the menu: Ladies First

  • Open the menu and present it at the right side of the guest.

          Serving Complimentary Water           

  • Water will be served only upon the request of the guest. Ask the guest if he/she likes to be serve water. Offer a bottled water so as to increase our restaurant revenue.

  • Check water goblet or glasses for stains or remarkable watermark and replace it as soon as possible.

  • Always serve beverage to the right side of the guest.

        Taking Order

  • Approach the table to take the order with a pleasant smile and ask if the guest is ready to order.

  • Make eye contact with each guest and keep smiling when taking the order.

  • Take orders from women first and then from men.

  • Do suggest food and beverage and specials on the menu and recommend restaurant signature dish.

  • Listen carefully to each guests order. Note special request of the guest.

  • Think about what the guest has selected and do suggest items that will go well with their main course.

       Repeat Guest Order

  • Always keep in mind that repeating the order will keep you away from wrong order.

  • Repeat the order and make sure to write any specials, like without sauce, not spicy, et cetera.

  • If orders will take longer, inform the guest to avoid complain.

  • Before leaving the table, ask the guest ‘will that be all Sir/Madame? And thank them for the order.

  • Input all order in the POS at once with all the special instructions for the kitchen. “A delay in ordering will delay in service”. Or give the order slip to cashier who will input the orders to the POS.

        Serving Beverage 

  • Host must be established before any approach to table is made.

  • Beverages are offered immediately upon seating: Ladies first. Make sure what is not available so as not to suggest them.

  • Drinks specification and preparation must be asked from the guest. “On the rocks, straight up, warm, cold, chilled, or fresh”.

  • Ensure glasses are clean and free from chip and stain at all time.

  • Ensure ice is clean before serving it to the guest.

  • Correct drinks are served and announced to the right guest.

  • Offer a second round of drinks when the glass is already 1/3 empty.

  • Serve drinks from the right then clockwise unless for guests safety purposes.

  • All drinks must be placed on a tray when serving. Never use your bare hands when carrying beverages.

  • When serving beverages, tray must be away from the guest.

           Serving Complimentary Bread or Match Sticks Veggies

  • Balsamic Vinegar with Olive Oil & Bread. This should be served together with the following order (not in advance); however, match sticks veggies with pesto shall be serve.

    • All Soup

    • All Pasta

    • All Salad

    • Escargot

    • Mussels

        Serving of Food

  • 1st – Appetizer

  • 2nd– Soup

  • 3rd – Salad

  • 4th – Main Course

  • 5th – Dessert/Coffee/Tea

  • Check food items, its presentation before picking-up from the dispatching area.

  • Minimize waiting time (from pick up in the kitchen to the table) in order to keep the food as hot as possible.

  • Before you serve the guest, make sure that the appropriate cutleries & a china ware has been placed.

  • Always get customer’s attention by saying “excuse me” before serving the food.

  • Serve hot food hot and cold food cold.

  • Serve from the right side, clockwise, ladies first.

  • Inform the guest of the food you are serving.

  • Before leaving the table, tell the guests “enjoy your meal”.

            Check Satisfaction

  • During service, always pay attention for any other things the guest might need. (Second round of drinks, condiments etc.)

  • Approach the guests after they have taken a few bites.

  • Ask a few specific questions about the food. Such as, “How’s the food Sir/madam? Or “Are you enjoying your spicy spare ribs?”

  • Ask if there’s anything else you can bring at that time. If so, deliver the item right away.

         Offering Dessert/Coffee/Tea

  • Server offers dessert/after meal drinks and presents the dessert menu.

  • Server offers recommendations before taking the dessert order:

“I highly recommend __________”.

“Are you ready to place your order? Or May I take your order?

  • Server repeats the order.

          Serving Dessert/Coffee/Tea

  • Server rectifies the table settings based on dessert order.

  • Server serves the dessert order and announces each dessert item upon serving to the right person. And say “ Enjoy your dessert”.

  • Server check on guest satisfaction within approximately 2 minute after serving the dessert.

“How are the dessert Mr Mcaroons? Is there anything else I can assist with?


          Bussing Out Procedure 

  • When guests finish their food, the server has to clean the dishes away without delay.

  • Before taking anything away from the table, make sure that all the people on that table have finished eating. Then ask permission by asking “May I clear your plate?” with appropriate use of hand signals.

  • Plates should only be cleared once all the guests on their table finished with their meal.

  • Never removed plates when guest is still chewing the last bite.

  • If you are not sure whether the guest are finished or not, ask them.

  • When you start clearing, start with the lady and work clockwise. Take out the plates always from the right.

  • Clear plates of the same size together – bigger plates before the smaller plates to ensure stability.

  • When clearing away the dishes, remember to clear the cutleries as well.

  • Remove all empty glasses/bottle from the table except water glass and tea cups.

  • Always use a tray when dishing out empty glasses/bottle from the table not with bare hands.

  • Clear empty glasses from the right side with you right hand.

  • After clearing all the dishes from the table, ask guest if they would like have some dessert.

  • Crumb the table and set up the appropriate cutlery needed for the dessert ordered.

         Presenting the Guest Check 

  • At the end of the meal, prepare the check, double checking all the items they ordered, table number and the total.

  • All the checks are to be presented to the guest requesting, whether that guest is the host or not.

  • In some cases, ask guest if they have acceptable discount cards (senior citizen, PWD, Diplomat ID, credit card tie ups) as to save time/effort.

  • When the guest asks for his check, it is to be given to him inside the check folder with a pen on the right hand side.

  • While the guest is reading his bill, wait at some distance where the server can answer immediately any question he may raise.

  • If the guest feels that you have made an error on the check, review carefully with the guest all the items ordered and the prices. If there is still a problem, ask the supervisor or manager to assist at once. Never argue with the guest.

        Thanking and Bidding Goodbye to the Guest for Patronage

  • Remember to say “thank you” and invite the guest to return after presenting the check.

  • All guests must be thanked at all times before they leave the restaurant “Thank you ma’am, thank you sir see you again”

4.0            AMENDMENTS

This policy may be revised, amended, edited or deleted in part or in full by MCAROONS, as it deems fit. Any revisions, amendments, or deletion to this Policy shall advise to all employees concerned through the issuance of a Revised Policy Form.

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