How I Become An Employee

How are you? Are you tired working? Or making it livelier everyday instead?

Come on and let me share you how I put life in my work. Being an employee is somehow the hardest part of our life. O well, my life. How struggling it is to work (sometimes) beyond your working hours (or working during days off) just to accommodate the Company’s needs.

Let me start where I started;

High School Graduation.

After I graduated from High School from my beloved Alma mater  Magdugo National High School in Magdugo (Don Juan Climaco Sr) Toledo City Cebu. There was a scheduled examination for Mayors scholarship. Unfortunately I was not able to get through. I do not know the exact date of the examination and how to get into the list.

I was not even in a deans list in class. But i tell you, if i only pushed myself getting to the TOP, of course I will and I can be a topnotcher too. But that was the story. I can no longer go back.

I am and we are among the poor but not the poorest living citizen in Philippines. We still survived our daily life without complaining anything that our neighbor has. We can still afford to buy the household need. My father has no permanent job. However he still managed to be a good provider to us. He worked everywhere, even in the farthest places just to be a good father to us, providing each of our need. Sad to say my father now is no longer with us. But his spirits are. I love my Dad, so much. He died on 2010.

I am the eldest of 3, Rynel and Ronnel. My mother is a housewife, taking care of us 3. We are not so close to each other like what you have seen in telenovelas but we love each other, deep inside our heart we care for each other.

During my days when not in school and during weekends i sell banana cue, puto made of cassava, vegetables, planting and harvesting rice, and all stuff that a farmers son does. I did sell ice water and cigarettes when there was a basketball league in our village. Its just a simple way of earning a pesos in a very little but descent way. I woke up every morning at 5AM to check the “suman” which I cooked at night before going to bed. I sell them every morning around the village. I sell it 2 pesos each and some i brought to School.

In school i am active in sports, a friendly but a shy one.


When I missed the opportunity of becoming a City Scholar, I went to Cebu and start looking for a job. I go with my friends from Jaclupan and taking chances to get hired in a factory. But I need to get a SSS number before processing my applications. So I have to get one. I live in Toledo City, and i do not really know how and where to go in Cebu City. Its a huge place though. I don’t even know where the SSS located.

From San Siangko or Colon St. I decided to just walk around the City going to SSS. I only walked through of SSS with help of the signage’s of the Jeepney. I passed a restaurant that was hiring an all around staff. I told my self if this vacancy is still open when i get back from SSS then i will apply. For almost an hour of walking in the heat of the sun i reached SSS office, finally, in Lahug City. See? Lahug is far from Colon St.

When i finished the processed I went back to D’Lucky Foodhause were I applied as all around employee. I get hired on the spot and asked me when i could start. Immediately i go home and prepared my things and get to work the following day. I was so lucky that day, anyway. I fulfilled in getting an SSS number plus a job! Huraaaay!!!


My work in the restaurant was being a waiter, dishwasher, cashier, purchaser anything that the owner wants you to do. The restaurant was owned by a Filipino-Chinese and was a councilor in Cebu City then. My stint in D’ Lucky Food Hause was only two weeks that’s why I cannot remember the name of the owner. But i still did know the location of the restaurant. They also have a branch in front of the Cebu coliseum. Thank you for the opportunity.

I left the restaurant because I get a chance to work in Manila. In a golf club in Antipolo City. It was my first travel outside Cebu and SOLO. It was Sunday morning when i arrived home but my mother was not home so i need to go the the farm where they were harvesting peanuts and corn. I told her that i should be going to Manila as i got a call from Tito Junjun that i can work there.

Without further discussion I went to the City to get  a ticket. Unfortunately since it was Sunday no ticketing offices were open. There were some opened but they were not issuing a ticket. They advises me to get one in the Port. So immediately I came home and tell my mom about it. So i departed to Cebu. On the very early monday morning i was accompanied by my auntie Alma in Pier 15 near SM Cebu. Again, i am so lucky that only one ticket is available. So i hurried up and get one then boarded immediately.

I used to stay in the ship until no one expect me in the cabin hahahaha.

What was the most interesting part during my voyage was when I arrived in Manila port. People were gone out of the ship but there I was still sitting on my bed. Expecting maybe my uncle would get in and will picked me up. Only to realized that he was waiting tirelessly outside! So i went down and finally meet my Uncle. Huraaaaay, galit po siya!


I arrived in Antipolo Tuesday morning. Meeting with my cousins who also worked in the golf club. On the following day i was introduced to everyone. This a picture of mine is what i looked like 8 years ago 🙂 how about 14 years ago?Dude, don’s try to find one hu!No automatic alt text available.My job was a housekeeping attendant. I was assigned in Tee House #5. My job is to keep the areas clean all the time. Because guests were all businessmen and rich. So they are “maarte”. I’ve been there for almost 7 month before I was transferred to the Clubhouse.Still a housekeeping staff. My areas where at the main lobby, veranda, bathroom, back area and areas from back area of 3rd floor going to ground floor, going to the drivers lounge. It’s a huge task. But i never once in my life have complained about my job.

Then i was again transferred to or can i Say I was again promoted? With the same tittle as housekeeping attendant but with unusual kind of job? Yeah I did cleaning but I also helped the admin offices clerical jobs. In the morning I cleaned the admin office including the GM’s office. The ballroom area where huge “kalat” everyday that was caused by unfinished construction.

In the afternoon I helped the admin office in some clerical works such as filing, photocopying, and some other things that a “utusan” will do. But what is most fascinating about it was that I got a chance to know work etiquette. That even some Manager does not have it.

During meals and breaks I was with the admin staff. And my partners was Sir Noel, Ate Bren, Abby, and sometimes Ate Lynn. They were some of my mentors ika nga. They won’t stab your back, they will tell you right in front of you if they have to say something good or bad. Well, that is normal. But I am happy that I meet them had a chance to listen to them. I had so much fun working and hanging out with them.


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