Boracay Island, Our Home Your Destination

How will you plan your dream vacation? Will it be something fancy and inexpensive? Something wet, wild that makes you sweat? Or a bit of spirituality?

Does Boracay Island is in your list?

Boracay Island has a lot to offer. People+Culture+Beaches+Foods+Parties is what this small Island can offer and this is what makes the Island full of life. It is a small Island but its a brilliant destination that you shouldn’t miss.

Dive in with different sea creatures in a marine protected areas where you can also plant corals for their home and take note with your name printed on the corals, its yours. Sounds interesting? Coordinate with Boracay Foundation Inc., or click here for proper coordination. Not a Diver? Not a problem. You can swim all day in the the world acclaimed Boracay white beach. Make sure you try splashing every stations from stations I to 3. Wait, there’s more. When in Boracay your 2 days stay might not be enough. Aside from the white beach, there are other beaches that will complete your vacation.

Learn to ask hotel employees on where to go next! They will probably tell you few suggestions. Boracay Island also offers the same white and clear waters of Ilig-iligan beach, the Puka beach, the Diniwid beach. Videos of these beaches will soon be featured here.

Not a diver, don’t want to swim all day but want exciting activities? If you are a surfing enthusiast Bolabog beach is the right place for you. Its a different kind of attraction in this area-kitesurfing. During Habagat Season kite surfers from all over the world gathered here for an event/tournament.

There are more activities that Borcay can offer, just have a proper plan of what to dos and ask the hotel or restaurant employees or even the Managers will gladly give few suggestions. If you want to get out from the crowd ate the white beach visit Bolabog beach and visit a 4 starred Resort 7Stones Boracay Suites and book your coffee time →

You like wild parties? Partying with strangers and make friends? Oh, that is only happening in Boracay. EPIC Boracay and WAVE is just a few Bars where you can party all night long. Sweat it out to the beat of good music from the best islands DJ’s. Don’t miss out the Island’s “Dancing Chef” at Hennan Resorts. As you have seen in the video you will absolutely enjoying the night dancing with them.

Are you a missionary? The ATI Village where settlers are Aetas who lived in the Island would love to share to you their Culture. How they live in this small Islet and what has been Boracay then. You may coordinate directly from the Church (Our Lady of Holy Rosary) if you want to visit or if you might have something to share to the villagers like feeding program, children’s party, a story telling and more.

This is Boracay Island, our home, is your dream destination!

Video credits to: Boracay Foundation Inc., and Mulave Studios.

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