MCTravel: Bungan-Bungan Cold Spring

Bungan-Bungan Cold Spring

A new attraction in Nabas already rises and its location is in Laserna, Nabas.  Aside from Hurom-hurom and Basang cold springs, bungan-bungan also offers visitor another chip of nature and still a cold spring.

The water is so cold and clean surrounded by trees and a well maintained area. This is a residential areas but  not as crowded as you think. There are vendors and stores which can cater your need such as food and drinks like Chicken binakol that cost as much as 500 pesos and a 1 kilo pork adobo that is also 500 pesos. God, i won’t buy it from there. Talaba is also offered for 50 pesos per kilo but don’t expect to be as good talaba as what you experience in New Washington.

I suggest that when going there try to buy some food stuff and let cook it yourself as there is a designated areas to cook mostly for grilled items. Street foods like fishball, kikiam, kwekwek is also present at a very low prices.

This is the source of the spring. Its not as huge but you be be amazed of how much water it produce. With the help of residents and the LGU they build a structure to create a pool.

This is the second man-made pool.The 3rd one. The depth is only 3 to 4 ft high so it is safe for everyone including children. But always have a look on your kids pips.

Cottages are all over the area for 150 pesos.

Proper waste management should always be observed.

Was it an adventure for MCAROONS? NO, it wasn’t.

I didn’t expect of the huge crowd when we reached the area. I never expect of cottages too. What I have in mind was that this new attraction  was  quite that you will only hear more of the sound of the running water. Unfortunately some visitors brought speaker and played loud music. What I have in mind was a place where i can just sit around, put on my headphone, read some books and start imaging what future could be. Its an opposite of my expectations.

Nevertheless I still enjoyed the time with some of my friends. 2 bottles of beer, crab, oyster (talaba), breads and street foods was enough to enjoy the day. However I still invite you to visit Bungan-bungan with your friends and family. This is good for a group and not for a person like me who hate a crowd (Extroverted-Introvert).

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