Why Can’t We Be Good To Everybody

How can it be good to everybody? Less nice people are the ones we call it bad and the more nice are the good ones.

Everybody is nice. We all nice. It only depends on a situation wherein respect is no longer present. Have you been a victim of disrespect? have you been hurt by your friends tirade in which you didn’t know the reason?

“In this world, living with the living are the deadliest part of our life. We don’t know what will happen next as time goes by”- Prinsipe Mcaroons

We all have our experience and might be the same experiences as mine and all have learned from those things and even told ourselves to distance self from them. But being a good person and a God fearing person we can’t do that. We can’t easily turned ourselves against them.┬áThe feeling of being betrayed is just temporary. It will somehow pass. not as abrupt but it will literally go along way where we find comfort.

We can be good to everyone. To everybody. Just always remember the golden rule, treat everyone like the way you want to be treated the same.

We can be good to everyone folks.


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