Experience Roxas and Capiz

“When You Believe All Is Possible. And I do believe in friendship”- Prinsipe Mcaroons

One of my friends invited me to go to Roxas City during weekend to unwind, visits a friend and have sumptuous meal in this seafoods capital. Of course travel is my best stress destroyer so i said yes.

Came the day and one my friend Jay was joining too. Mctime is my time meaning on time. So I set up 5:30AM to leave boracay. Meeting place at Jaspers but due to some circumstances since Rommel isn’t responding to any of my messages I stayed until 6AM and advises Jay to stay put and wait for my signal. Instead I decided to take breakfast while waiting for Rommel at Jaspers. Apparently, I forgot that Rommel has no means of communication. He was already in my kingdom around 5:40 in the morning and there was no way he can contact me so he waited for 30 minutes in the road. Sorry besh hahahahahaha. We also have other companion who is waiting for us in Kalibo. Meeting place at Mcdonalds while having breakfast. There he was. Taking his breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to City Mall Kalibo where the terminal is located. We waited for the other van for comfort. Hello! Its not easy to keep your ass seated for almost 4 hours. 120.00 fair Kalibo-Roxas is not bad at all. That’s their usual thing while waiting. Bored mga besh?

Jay was watching the game 4 of Cavs vs GSW. Sadly my team losses.

Roxas City Terminal

Finally we arrived at the terminal around 12PM and waited for Dondon for some 10 minutes. Oh I’m excited to tell you our story. The original plan has been scratched. Instead we will be having our lunch in the house of Ate Neneth, the sister of Rommel in New Guia, Maayon , Capiz. Oh well we don’t know how far it was dude. So we started our road trip from the terminal to Pontevedra Market to buy some stuff. Good thing Dondon brought his baby AAL (Toyota Vios). So what’s the best thing? Well all 3 of us (Jay, Ed and Me) was just sleeping at the back. While Rommel has to keep his mouth open  blah blah blah blah to entertain Dondon meaning he has to keep talking just keep Don alive while driving hahahahaha.

Now after buying some stuff we headed to New Guia. The problem? Rommel forgotten where the exact way toward New Guia. So we keep asking anyone we meet long the road. That is baby AAL. What do you we have been doing? Do you think we only get out of the car to have some photos? Was it the first time we saw rice fields? Sugarcane plantation?

No. A big no. of course not. We are of fan of photo ops. As much as possible we keep our identity as private as we can. What we did was because the road is not even. Not even good to us hahahaha. I think we did it 10 time or more because the bumper of the car is low that it needs to unload some passenger.

Along our way is the beautiful sugar cane plantation, rice fields and the good hearted people who guided us the right way going to New Guia.

It took us almost 2 hours in the road so we took some photo shoot with Ed. I’m not really a good photographer yet. But I’m a believer of myself, so I keep going,i keep practicing until i master the needed setting.

There you go! We finally arived at he hous of ate Neneth. She has a huge house with 8 big rooms. Thanks for the geat hospitlity ate Neneth. For the coffee in midst of super humid temperature but we still managed to consume the coffee. For the lunch that made us so full. Grabe ang gulay, grilled fish etc. Thank you thank you.

Took an hour nap.

Its time to go home!

Around 4 we pack up and hitting the road again.

bhong2x (Ed) and bhoy2 (Rommel). I really do not know why do people called them that way. The sons of ate Neneth was enjoying running up and down with Jay and Dondon.

And this guy? Oh I don’t what he was doing too. It maybe peeing? Such a nice childrens.

Uwian na mga besh. Of course we still nee to get out of the car every time Dondon tell us to do so. No choice bro, or else he will leave us hahahahaha. Well Dondon is a good guy and I know he won’t do it. Unfortunately have of our half was more harder for baby AAL. So we decided to get a habal-habal (motorcycle) and will wait for them at the main road. So while waiting picture2x muna.

The biggest church bells in the world will be found here. The Sta. Monic Parish or Pan-ay (Panay) Church. We’re not able to go inside since its almost dark. The great shape of the facade is enough to tell a story that we once been here.

The People’s Park

Roxas boulevard where the People’s Park located is home of the seafood restaurants. Of all the food stall only Bebing Seafood Restaurant was busy. Some food stall were even empty. If it happen that you are looking for quick and good service try Bebing Seafood Restaurant. Well here we are again. The faces of starving.  

Soul Soul Soul!

After dinner we drove around looking for a good place to hang out or even singing our souls out. Then we found this “soul” Bar and Restaurant. We rented a Karaoke room for 2,000 pesos good for 3 hours which s consumable for food and drinks. Though we did not fully consumed the amount we left the area happily enjoying our karaoke. Can you imagine having  friends whose into singing? God, an Aklanon, Ilongo and Cebuano? Orayt!

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