MCFoods: A Taste of Filipino By A Cebuano

When in Boracay you absolutely visited D Talipapa, the only seafood market and paluto restaurants in the Island. If not, you certainly missed how good these paluto restaurants cook your seafood. So don’t forget to be there.

Boracay Island does not just offer the white and powdery sands. It also offers good foods in any corner of the Island. How about some filipino dishes that is inexpensive and served from a 4 starred Resort? Have take a look on these sumptuous Filipino dishes cooked in Cebu style by none other than a Cebuano Sous Chef Ryan Paul Ramiso and his team.

It’s Fiesta

Fiesta Fried Rice with chicken, shrimp, french beans, carrots topped with scrambled egg. This is good for sharing but i do not know how I consumed it all.

Chicken Adobo. Sautéed chicken until golden brown. Braised in adobo sauce with laurel aroma. 

Pork Humba. An authentic Cebuano dish with banana blossoms gravy and for flavoring. You can find this Humba in every occasions in Cebu.

Pancit de Cebu or Bam-i in Cebuano. Mixed noodles (pancit canton and sotanghon) with Sautéed pork, shrimps and chorizo Bilbao and vegetables. This is famous too in Cebu in every occasions.

Are now thinking what Resort offered this dishes? It is at 7stones Boracay Suites located at the famous kiters place in Bolabog. 7 Stones is a unique place in Bolabog area. Its quite romantic !

Come and visit 7Stones.

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