MCTravel: Forest Hills Golf and Country Club

Who would have thought that I could play golf on a regular days? 

How time flies from this golf club that was my foundation where in i was one of their employees. August 2003 I set my foot at forest hills golf and country in Antipolo City as housekeeping attendant before becoming an HR Assistant. And these ladies beside me has been part of my growth for 8 years.

Thank you to the lady in yellow who is now a member of the Club. Wooooow congratulations ate She. You deserve it. Thank you for inviting me and even sponsoring my green fee.

Thank you also to my honeymylovesosweet (Abhie) for playing with us. You know, i really wanted to have more time with the rest of the team. but time would not permit me to do so.

I hope my next visit will be more than what we had experienced.

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