Hurom Hurom Cold Spring

“It can take years to mold a dream. It takes only a fraction of a second for it to be shattered.”
Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

Prior to our Hurom Hurom escapade we first visited my dearest friend and whom I called “Anak” Taz Macinas. I may not his biological father but I have been sharing and taught him like what fathers did. It’s great thing to know that somebody like Taz is willing to listen to all of thoughts and imparted it on his life. He also called me “tatay” to which i am bothered if I really look like one! To recall, Taz was the first person who treated me the most and the best Shakes in the Island, the Jonas shakes. From then I sense his sincerity to becoming one of my treasured friends.

Thank you Nak and we are so happy to be eunited with you for almost 10 hours. Those short time was so much enjoyed with your jokes which some are luma na hahahahaha. But it still made us smile. The previous PMS friends even without their presence are symphatizing with you.

Be strong no matter what happened. Your father is just out there looking at your family. Here we are! Had a short walk looking for a mobile signal and breakfast.

Hurom Hurom Cold Spring

A crystal clear cold water coming out from underground rocks of high mountains of Brgy Laserna, Nabas, Aklan. It is an hour or less travel from Brgy Caticlan. You may ride a van or a Ceres buses from Caticlan. Tell the driver to drop you at the crossing of Brgy Lasern or just tell them you are going to Hurom Hurom and they’ll drop you at the exact drop off place.

During days van driers will ask 20-30 per head. In our case since it was by night we paid 50 pesos per person. When you depart we paid 20 pesos per head.

Entrance fee of 30.00 per head. Shed/ Cottage 300.00. You can bring your own food and cook here. They have a wide area for cooking and grilling stuffs. You may also request them to cook rice and just pay the corresponding fees. Bathroom/ Restrooms are clean, showers in the corner of the pool. The pool water which is directly from the mountain was so clear and cold. When you soaked your self you will think its really a healing water.

Cooking Time!

There re res designed for cooking and grilling but here in our shed we can too grill right away. Sorry I have a photo of the cooking/grilling area for the reason that I was so timid that time. You know me, afraid of crowd.

Swimming Time!

This time my outfit were not used! Because I have fever last night so I need to be safe, rather.

Here are the complete photos

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