MCTravel: Ilig-iligan Beach, Boracay Island

White Beach have always been used interchangeably, since the latter has always been the island’s biggest crowd-drawer. But do you know, or have ever visited, the more than 12 other beaches of Boracay Island? Some of these beaches look just as beautiful as White Beach—fine white sand, clear waters and all—while others have clearly seen better days. One thing is for sure though: visiting all these beaches could be an adventure in itself. It’s a great way to go around and get a glimpse of the local life. For now lets take a look the beauty of Ilig-iligan beach.


Ilig-Iligan Beach is located at the northeastern side of the island. Visitors get here either of two ways: they walk inland to Ilig-Iligan Beach; or they join an island hopping trip, which includes Ilig-Iligan as one of its stops. Just in front of the beach is a snorkeling spot. (excerpt from You may also took a tricycle for 200 pesos one way.

Ilig-iligan beach is a place for people who want to escape the crowd, the loud areas of the white beach. This place is quite and only few tourist are coming here but the place is already known to few foreigners so when you visited this beach you will seen them around.

This lovely couple Edz and Ryan Gallardo opted to extend their vacation from 3 days to over a week during the Holy Week. I personally became their personal guide and ilig-iligan beach is worth a recommendation. We stayed almost 3 hours before heading to another beach of Boracay, the Diniwid beach.

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