MCFoods: JT’s Manukan Grille

JT’s Manukan is a few addittion to Boracay’s hotstop. It is located at One Central Boracay in station I just a few meters from Balabag Church and Plaza.

JT is owned by veteran actor Joel Tore.

It is a filipino restaurant with specialties on chicken like the ones of Mang Inasal without the unlimited rice. But frankly speaking JT’s chicken is more appetizing.

The location was good, breathable and the ambience is better. Less people and less noise.

I ordered Kansi for the first time. The server has told me its like sinigang but savors differently which i ultimately agree when it was served. The sourness of the soup was just enough and the aroma is far from the usual sinigang.   Kansi originated from Bacolod and it is better partnered with a Coca Cola.

Here are some photos of my food tonight

The servers were attentive and and was always available. But I have few observations which I would like to share and I do hope the management will take this into consideration.

1. The severs should have a nameplate or badge. Because when guests had been deligthed with the service they would really intend to look on their chest to get their names. Just like me who would want to say some good about the resto but since I didn’t see her name so i just shut up.

2. Carolers asking for donations. I thought they had a nightly band or acoustic because i hear a group singing inside. I just don’t look at them until they were in front of my table giving envelopes.

They are NO different from beggars. They are beggars too. The only difference is that they sung and hygenic but still beggars who ask for donations for their activities. They don’t leave until each tables had given them.

Please JT, don’t let this happen anytime.

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