MCTRAVEL: Experience Kawa Kawa

Kawa Kawa in Valderrama Antique

After we have decided not to pursue our Mt. Igcoron trek. We proceeded to Villa Valderrama Mountain Resort to stay and relax. Have a swim in their pool and even get a hilot or massage. From Brgy Binanogan take a habal habal ride for less than 10 minutes. Fare was 20 pesos per head.

When we arrived we were welcomed by the smiling staff. Most of them are on their 40’s o 50’s. And i assume they are all mother. So i felt I was home. Talking with them without any hesitation as some of them speaks Cebuano. Tsadaaaaan it won’t be hard for me to speak tagalog.

They asked us if we are going to visit the Kawa Kawa. It is a river where there was a “kawali” or “kawa” shape rocks. It has a deep water of almost 5 feet. You know i have a fear of deep/depth water or I am a Bathopobia. But i like jumping. I like heights but not the deep water even if i swim, yes i can swim probably but i scream when my feet dont touch the ground.

Kinda interested. Since I am really exhausted from our walkaton fom Mt. Igcoron. So we settle ourselves in our Php 300.00 room which is good for four. Then started our 15 minutes walk towards the river.

The river was not that fantastic as i seen the river is going to get dry. When we arrived at the kawa kawa, the same thing, its not inviting. Like oh nothing is so special other than the rock formed “kawa”.

When i took a deep, God, it too cold. This time i appreciate the location. I appreciate the Kawa kawa river. Have a try, a must try.

There were also fall according to our guide Jason but it will take you 3 hours again of walking. After a 10 minutes bath we headed back to the resort. By the way the resort has no strore where you can buy some stuffs for meriend or soft drinks and even mineral water. But we still drunk water from the faucet since the place is managed/financed by the DENR so nothing to worry. At night you can buy your food from the town and cook and it at the Resort or pay cooking charges if you want them to cook it for you.

We asked the staff if there will be buses plying over Ilaures by night. Then one woman asked me why sir, are you going home now? I said if possible because it would be boring for the two of us at night since we are the only guests of the Resort. One lady said that there are still buses going to kalibo even until 8PM.

Time checked its 2PM, so we have enough time to try their swimming pool. I was amazed then because i did not know that its a cold spring. The water from the forest shed continuously flows towards the pool and spent 15 minutes.

Packed up and lets go to Ibajay for Ati-ati Festival 2017. I don’t take too much photos so just enjoy some of it.


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