MCTravel: Igpasungaw Falls, Antique

Igpasungaw Falls

MCTravel is a no-stopping adventure. This time another  virgin nature’s beauty has been visited and still in Antique.

Antique has a lot to offer to tourists from waterfalls, rivers, mountain climbing and more. The last spot that I have visited was Kamalasag Falls. I directly coordinated with the Tourism Officer Nilo and would like to thank for his undying help for us to reach our destination. And the guide that he had given us was too polite and always ready to help us every time we crossed rivers.

We left Boracay 5am sharp, mctime. No late, or better stay at home because I don’t wait for late comers :). I had Veejay who almost missed the trip, the ever strong Mam Mags and Sir Lovenoy. Ceres bus left Caticlan exactly 6AM and we arrived in Sebaste Municipal Hall before 7AM. Waited for about 10 minutes for Kuya Amencio.

We didn’t bring any food since it was Sunday and most of the markets in the provinces are busy and we can buy fresh delicacies like puto, suman, bibingka etc. Unfortunately it tuned out nothing. The market was closed hahahaha. So we decided to just buy some biscuits and water. We rented a tricycle for 150 pesos going to the entrance of Igpasungaw falls.

Igpasungaw falls is a 3 kilometer distance from the main road. Half of it will be walking for less than an hour but if you walk like a runner then you might get it for 30 minutes. Just ignore the arrow sign, this streamer should be put on the opposite side of the road.







Registration and Fees

An environmental fee of 50 pesos per person will be collected upon arrival at the registration area before our 40 minutes hike has started. Our trek was not that exhausting because we arrived early morning and we started like 7AM so the sun won’t able to bombard us. But even if the sun is up or if you trek noontime it wont really affect your hiking since there are tall trees surrounding your entire hiking.




























As i previously said Igpasungaw was an easy walk compared to Kamalasag Falls, however, there are also areas that was really hard to cross. Thank you to our guide Kuya Amencio. He brought a rope and tied it on the other side so we can hold it while traversing the river or climbing. Photos above was the first cross that was sooooo thrilling. You need to be more extra careful as the rocks or stones are slimy or otherwise you will be washed downstream. You also need to be careful when crossing through a wooden bridges. As most of them are about to crack. These should be given attention by the tourism office.

Halfway we all started to feel exhausted. I should have brought an energy drink since I was not feeling well the night before the hiking instead brought mogu mogu. So we rested for about 5 minutes.












These dogs of Kuya Amencio have been with us the whole trek. Take note, they won’t cross the river until all guests have crossed. Even if you want them to go first they will go to your back instead. And this dog on the last picture accidentally not able to hold on to the strong currents or flow of the water. He was washed down the river and fall on a 30 meter (i think) high. Good thing he was okay :).

Comfort Room








They have a restroom so no worry if something might be calling you.

the First Falls

Finally we reached the destination. But this was only the first falls that Igpasungaw have. The water is overflowing, strong current of water that immensely creates a sound like a crickets. Tough there were crickets. But if you listen to the sound it comes from the river.







the 2nd falls

This is the second falls. Its awesome. There were groups already and found them happily, enjoying their slides, jumping, but oh, wait, i really have fear of jumping. Not because I’m afraid of heights but for the reason that I don’t want accidents cause by negligence.






the 3rd Falls

I think there is more falls up there. I just forgot to ask Kuya Amencio if it is possible to go there.







I may not have lot of photos but i am sure i have the best one to keep. Visit Igpasungaw and experience the natures beauty. Contact the tourism officer and he will gladly gave you the best tour guides. Experience Antique, Experience Western Visayas and mctravel na!

  • Mr. Nilo Paulino (Sebaste Tourism Officer) – 0912-660-0067


Caticlan to Sebaste- 64.00

Sebate to Igpasungaw- 37.50

Tour guide- c/0 Mam Mags 250.00 (5 pax per guide but we gave 500 pesos)

Meal- c/o Mam Mags

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