MCTravel: Kamalasag Falls


is located in Abiera, Sebaste, Antique, Philippines.


In less than an hour from Caticlan you will reach the area. Just tell the driver to drop you off in front of the Abiera Elementary School. Once there ask the household who can guide you towards the falls. But as you be reading my blog you can get the contact person. Transportation only costs us 63.00 per head through Ceres bus.

The moment that we stepped out the bus I immediately went to a store and asked some help to get a guide. The household then went to the school which is only a few walks from her store and saw her conversing with the teacher. Then the teacher called Kagawad or the Councilor. The teacher which I forget her name was so helpful to us. She told us to stay ad wait for the designated person to arrived so she can give us a trained tour guide.

Roselyn Mondejar or commonly known as “Kuradang” approached us and introduced herself. She is so lovely speaking. She also sells “ice candy and Bukayo” in the school. From the school we get a tricycle towards the house of ate Roselyn. This is the are where you start trekking for 3 approximately 3 hours but i only told my companion that its only 2 hours hahahaha. Picture shows our adventure with the rides. We keep making “tulak”. Trike fair is 25.00 per head v.v.













We stopped awhile and made fun of this lovely dog and had some refreshments. Take note ate Rose told us that she also sells “Buko Salad” which to my surprised it was only an iced candy flavored buko. Again a matter of expectation vs. reality hahahaha.

Then our journey to Kamalasag falls begun. We had some laughs and ate Roselyn shared her life as the designated person to head the Kamalasag falls and her life as a mother of 7. The road at first was easy but after an hour it wasn’t so. Kapit bisig mga kapatid.









Thank you to our maskulado and alert guide, i forgot his name too. I should ask Irish since he has been assisting Irish all the time hahahhaa. I told you the way that lead us going to the falls wasn’t so easy but it was not so bad. Ate Roselyn shared that before it was well maintained, grasses were trimmed, made temporary steps to make it easier for the tourists until the Mayor has been ______. Sorry readers, I could not tell what it is exactly.

I cannot count how many river we’ve crossed but still we could not see the falls. Kuya guide keeps saying “malapit na sir mga trenta minutos”. So we took some rest with these lovely dogs again. These dogs were guarding their boss food.











When i saw this are i felt relieved. God, thank you we are here! Unfortunately i was not the Kamalasag falls. Kamalasag falls is less than 15 feet and this one is i think only 10 feet. Then I just saw them keep walking. Oh my God, my knees were so tired.

When going here please travel light. Only bring water or energy drink and a towel. If possible don’t bring back pack if you’re not used to. You leave it in ate Roselyn’s house.

When going here also please make sure to coordinate with Ate Roselyn. Don’t get a school boy guide for your safety and for the kids safety. Because we don’t what will happen just like in next photo.

Well, just a snake hahahaha. Be always careful when you are in the wilderness.






This is the falls as we were approaching. Nawala ang pagod namin!











Caticlan to Abiera School- 69.00 per head

Abiera School to Drop off – 25.00 per head

Lunch 31.00 for 7 pax


Person to contact:

Roselyn “kuradang” Mondejar- 0910 378 3825

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