MCTravel: Malubog Dam, Toledo City

Malubog Dam

Malubog Lake or Malubog dam is located in Malubog, Toledo City, Cebu. Toledo is about 50 kilometers away from Cebu City and is widely known for its huge mining industry owned by Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation. Aside from mining, the city’s primary sources of livelihood are trading, fishing, and agriculture.

Malubog Lake/ Dam is the largest lake in the Philippines which is privately owned. With the scenic and picturesque area of the lake is likely intagrammable. If only it didn’t rained we might have good photos. Malubog is just less than an hour from our place, Sitio Curvada. When the rain has stopped we called our cousins, titas and friends and immediately looked for motorcycles.

Sad to say that we arrived too late. About 6PM and it was already dark around. I just tried to manipulate the camera but it was hard for an ametuer photographer like me :).

It was another sad story that we were not able to enter and get some picture at the main entrance of the dam. The security have told us that the management will no longer allow tourists in the area for safety purposes. Well, we understand, so we left the area and proceeded to the lower part of the dam in the residential areas. Thanks to our habal-habal drivers who were so accommodating, though they were just friends of us.

One of the reason why we were there is to buy freshly catch Tilapia for 100.00 per kilo, not bad and then boating for photo opportunity 🙂

How to get there:

Take a bus going to Toledo City. Tell the driver to drop you off Don Juan Climaco or Magdugo. A lot of Habal-habal will greet right away you stepped out from the bus. Habalhabal can accommodate up to 2 passengers.

Fare going to Malubog is 80 pesos. But in our case we paid 200 per driver v.v.

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