MCTravel: Mararison Island

“Always make sure that you travel with a purpose”

the hashtag #mcsoloista referred to me because I have been traveling alone. There are benefits of being alone, 13 reasons why sometimes you need to be alone. Ill be giving the link so you readers can relate unto this being a loner.

But not this time. I have traveled with these awesome kids from Pangasinan. They are my new friends. New connections. New treasures. Okay enough with a dramatic entry. Lets keep kicking.


Mararison was not part of our itinerary. It was just because of the good people we meet in Sebasti, Antique. After that tiring walkaton from Kamalasag Falls  we took our brunch or lunch at the eatery of Ate Gina. It was only a small canteen were no tables because it ws only good for take out. They offered to eat inside their house but I think it was more fun at the canteen just within the main road.

Ate Gina started asking us where we go next. She said to go to another falls for about 30 minutes walk. But since it was already 12PM and the sun so high which we declined. I asked her what about Mararison Island, would it be inexpensive going there?

Right then she called Kagawad Vic-vic (the same councilor who helped us at Kamalasag Falls) for the fact she has owned a boat traversing Culasi to Mararison island. On the spot, kagawad Vic-vic replied and told us to meet her at Culasi Port. I asked her how much would be the room for 6pax. Surprisingly she can even give us the exact rate. Nahiya kumbaga. Its up to you sir, she said.

So gorabels mga bebe 167.00 per person for overnight stay isn’t so bad at all, a big laugh. Happy face! Happy Babies!

The tricycle driver who we rented at Kamalasag drove us to Culasi Port. Fair is 30 per head but if you choose a bus then its only 18-20 pesos. But haler you need to wait for a Ceres bus to come. Like 20-30 minutes waiting? Trike nalang, enjoy pa, siksikan sila hahahaha.

We arrived at Culasi around 2PM. Decided to stay a while at the Catholic Church. Sad to say some of the babies are born again but we managed to let them go inside. I’m sorry but hello, we have one God. The same God. The same faith. Hindi naman sila nasunog hahahahaha.

Then we buy stuffs for dinner. Stayed at the Talisay tree where we waited until 5PM. Why? Because we need to wait for the closing of the information center so we will no longer pay for the environmental fees etc and its up to you how much you will pay for the boat coz its no longer obligatory to pay 150.00 per head v.v.

They were busy. busy and busy.




Finally we hopped in. Prinsipe Mcaroons will be visiting the Kingdom of Mararison Island.






We are pretty tired from Kamalasag fall. SO Jobelle fall on her back. Higa higa din pag pagod hahahaha. That is the house that we rented. God, its a house not just a room as expected. Again and again Expectations vs. Reality. It has two bathrooms, a kitchen, a huge sala, and two huge rooms which can accommodate up to 5 pax per room.












The “grillers”. They are enjoying grilling the fish. Sino ba hindi mag eenjoy eh libre yan mga tol! Thank you Kagawad. love love love the fishes.

I planned to have a short talk on the beach over bonfire. But we are pretty tired so right after dinner we decided to sleep early because we need to wake up early too for another trek at 6am. by the way malakas po sila kumain ng KAMATIS hahahahha.












I love the honesty of the people in Mararison Island.

My entire body was aching while laying in bed. I went to buy painkillers, omega or efficascent oil but no available. I asked Tatay Ronnie if there is manghihilot nearby. He said yes. Ill asked my son. His younger son is also a buddy of Kuya Nonoy, the boatman. Tatay Ronnie approached me and said to wait for the therapist.

He said that there are 15 licensed therapist in the Island. Even if his son or somebody nearby cannot do the service because they have a policy to prioritize on duty therapists. See? Sayang ang 350.00 kung tutuusin diba? dabah? but still money is only secondary. Tatay Ronnie shared further that Mararison Island was only discovered after typhoon Yolanda. Yolanda babes you weren’t so bad at all huh hahahaha.  There was no evacuation plan for the residents and ll houses were damage after the typhoon. It was then GMA7  and other tv stations started to discover the white sand, clear waters and the magnificent view of the Island.

Finally Ate Nora arrived. Finally Ate Nora departed hahahahahhahaha.. Well the therapist did well but i was not relieved. They need more practice. And maybe she was already tired. The electricity is good only until 10:30 PM. So better recharge all your stuff. If you can not sleep with out a fan or aircon, you can sleep outside on one of the cottages. Its safe!

They woke up like this! Masakit ang katawan nila for sure! Rushing to climb to witness the sunrise.













Lola Sofing was rushing us to walk faster. Faster. Faster the sunrise is about to come out. Hala sige, lakad. Habol hininga. 
















Please be careful when going down. Rocks are all over. Don’t pick any flowers. Just take photos. Look at whose walking so fast? Faster than the Lola Sofing hahahahaha… Irish your the best!








Who would have thought she can jump too? hahaha Well, Irish, always bare in minds that you live not for anybody. Don’t mind people who have been a bully. Always associate yourself with good people.













Coffee Wars! Breakfast time!








I was sharing with some of my success. My downs. What inspires me to work hard. I hope i did impart some good thoughts of becoming a good person and a better friend. I have been talking almost 10 minutes while waiting for the breakfast. Talk pa more kanina pa pala naluto ang tuyo hahahahahah

Now its time to leave the Island. Sadly, we were not able to swim because the sun is up. So we waited for the boatman to arrived.







There are a lot of stories to be told. About these babies. About their life. About their friendship. And of course about the Mararison Island. But i want you to discover it yourself. MCTRAVEL na.!


Culasi Port to Mararison Island- 100.00 per head v.v.

Accommodation- 167.00 per head

Culasi Port to Terminal- 9.00 per head

Culasi Terminal- Caticlan- 89.00 per head 

Cooking Fee D&B- 200.00

Person to contact: 

Kagawad Vic-vic- 0920 292 3477

Nonoy- 0930 652 6619


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