MCTRAVEL: Mt. Igcoron, Antique

Mt. Igcoron, Valderrama Antique

I ended my 2016 with a breathtaking travel in Osmena Peak in dalaguete, Cebu. That was my first trek and i found adventure. But before that, one of my friend invited me for a overnight camp at Mt. Igcoron on December 21, in the town of Valderrama Atique. Unfortunately that is the day I flew from Cebu to Kalibo.
SO when i finally get back in Boracay for a long days of hard work i booked a date for this another and I am sure a tiring trek. Adventure!
First we were about 5 who shall be camping overnight at the peak, 3 joiners are friends from other resort and 1 is my colleague. But ended up only the 2 of us. Fortunately we still able to pursue our plans.
We departed from Boracay or from Cagban Port at exactly 5:30am. If I only knew there were already boats at 5am we might leave earlier.
We immediately proceeded to the Ceres Terminal in Caticlan. Just a few meters from the entrance of Cataclan Jetty Port. Alas, there was a standby air conditioned bus. I really doesn’t know how long would be the travel from Caticlan to Anqtique. Only when Chef Alvin told me that according to Chef Ryan it will take us 3.5 hours. Hala! Kalayo Ba! Well it adventure. Its’ okay. Another thing is that I personally don’t know where the exact location that we should be at. From Caticlan i started using at the google maps to help me guide where to stop. Unfortunately i couldn’t find ELAURES place.  I only relied on the driver/conductor. Keep asking him every town we were and even the lady beside me whom she don’t respond for how many time i tried asking her. Maybe my voice was too low that she could not hear me. Maybe because i was on my headphone that i even removed it and try asking her once more? Only to realized that she was a deaf. God, sorry, i really don’t know she was until she was teased by the conductor.
After 3.5 hours bus ride we finally hit the road of ILAURES. Gottcha! Only a few meters from Ilaures i have finally found it from google maps. Take note my dear readers. Its’ not ELAURES as what the guide had sent me. But it is ILAURES.
From there we rode a tricycle. Or you may choose either a Jeepney or a Tricycle going to the Town of Valderrama. For us we rented the tricylce and paid 200 pesos for a 15 kilometer ride. Not bad, and i think it was enough rather than waiting for other passenger fill in vacant seats.
Then we took our lunch before heading to the police station. As a Cebuano we always love to eat Dinuguan, 2 orders form me. Unfortunately, I don’t like the way it was cooked because they added vegetable or a sliced jackfruit. Not again.
Secondly, we now proceeded to the Police Station. Where we need to log in and specified the place that we are going to. Yeheeepppeyyyy Its Mt. Igcoron. The officers were so accommodating, i told you. Ask anything about the place and how to get there and they would gladly support you, tourist. Oraayyyyyt I am now a certified tourist 🙂
When we were about to finish the registration the my contact told us to just waitat the Plaza and somebody will pick us up. Its about less than 5 minute motorcyle ride going to Brgy. Binanogan where we met a cute little lady whose holding his child. She is Jane, the President of the 15 man tour guides. Then she introduced to us Robert who will be our guide of the day. Then we started walking.
Third. I was hesitant to start walking. You know why? We just took our heavy brunch and i dont think we can make it faster. Plus we have back packs. It would take us 3 hours to ascend bu I still walked without asking my companion and the guide if it would be better to get a room and leave out things. That was my fault.
Fourthly, i was so exhausted after over an hour of walking. You know why? We started walking 11:30 AM, so the sun is UP. No matter how much water you take, it is really exhausted plus the bag i had. We stopped for a minutes then start walking again. We were halfway going to the peak of the mountain. When I decided not to continue as i really cannot make it. The guide took my bag just to continue walking since we were almost there.
Unfortunately, i could not. The mountain was steep too. That anytime I may fall on the river or at the bed of the rice terraces. I should have only brought a camera and water 🙁
So we decided to go back and proceed to Villa Valderrama to take a rest and might even have a massage and well swimming at their cold spring pool.
Finally, I will be back here again, but i need to start walking early in the morning or 4pm if you are going to camp overnight. This time it won’t be hard for us to go there as we have already a good people to contact.
If you want to experience #experiencewesternvisayas please do so. Enjoy every moment of your life. Come with friend to make it more happy.
Caticlan- Ilaures, Antique Php159.00 per head (Ceres, aircon bus)
Ilaures- Valderrama- Php 200.00 (tricycle)
Valderrama to Mt. Igcoron- Php 20.00/ motorcylce but the driver won’t demand any amount.
Guide- Php 500.00 every 3 tourist

For more information contact: Jane 0936 852 5556 the office of the toursim of Valderrama

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