MCTravel: Tibiao Fish Spa and Calawag Mountain Resort

The Unplanned Trip

Usually i did no plan a trip not until during days off. I just wanted to just stay in the Island since i will be going to Iloilo by March 10 for the renewal of passport. After that will proceed and stay overnight in Garin Farm. However right after the interview of applicants last Friday morning and since my back pack is always ready, i grabbed it and proceeded to Cagban port. Its either or Culasi or Tibiao.

I message some of my friends who were from both places and only my friend who i usually called him TATAY Mike responded. While in a boat going to Caticlan we exchanges messages on how could i get there. I have been so lucky that when I arrived at the terminal around 1PM there was a bus which is already leaving. Tsaraaaaan sleep muna since travel time will take you up to 2.5 hours.

First Time In Tibiao Fish Spa

Tibiao Fish Spa is located within the main road of Brgy Malabor, Antique. Once you reached the arc of TIBIAO and if you are travelling from Kalibo/Caticlan Tibiao Fish Spa is 2.5 more kilometer from that arc. Just tell the bus driver or the conductor and they will drop you right infront of the Fish Spa.

This was my room. Its a huge air conditioned room. The bed and linens were comfy. The bathroom was oh so clean with enough supply of water. And they have this bidet too which i think every Resort should have.

Are they serious? In my entire travel i have not seen any Resort using branded amenity such this Palmolive. For the kind of Resort i did not expect anything aside from the staff, the service of the staff. But upon seeing this one? It makes me think of not using it since it is somewhat expensive. Anyway i did not bring my toiletries so i had consumed it 🙂

Upon check in you need to settle your charges. And the Front Office staff named Sunday was a bit not sure of m accommodation fees. I knew it was 600 pesos but he only collected 450 pesos. But everything has been settled right away. He took my breakfast order and my dinner.

The breakfast is part of your accommodation except if you ask to be service during lunch and dinner. Each meal cost 250 pesos.

Dinner was served at 8PM, right after the prayer meeting. I was invited by MIMI but declined to participate because i have this CROWD problem personality. I was just seated in another side listening to them though. They have however guests from Israel too who joined the prayer meeting. The Pastor has been good in delivering the messages of God. You nailed it Pastor.

I only ordered Chicken tinola for my dinner because i miss Malunggay and Papaya but when i arrived at the table it was like a buffet :). A chicken tinola, grilled squid, mixed veggies with unusual aroma that was so tempting. A pitcher of iced tea and butong-butong dessert which i brought in to my room but not able to finish all because it was too sweet but delectable. After the dinner i went to my room and watch Spongebob hahahaha.

I alarmed 5:45 am so i could monitor my staff for the beach clean up in Boracay, i cannot afford if they will be late. At 6AM I went to the beach located just on the other side of the Resort. Just a minute walk and there you are breathing some fresh air.

Breakfast was served at 8AM and right after breakfast Sunday called a habal habal so I can proceed to Calawag where kawa kawa and kayaking located. If you are in a hurry just like me who always on the run you may bring your own food or requests that your food be serve early like 7am so you have enough time to visit some other locations such as the Bugtong bato Fall (next in line)

There was an entrance fee collected for 50 pesos. This goes directly to Tibiao government. At the Resort an entrance fee of 25 pesos per person will be collected too.

I was just wondering why the local government collected higher fess than the Resorts? The Resorts had to invest more on business permit, beautification of the Resort and other expenses. Anyway, I just don’t know why.

I wanted to try the hot bath in form of kawa kawa. Before, Tibiao has been in the business cooking raw sugar thats why  they have this big pots. And now they have found another way how this kawa can be use.

with Flord Calawag

From the menu I choose the Kawa bath with Salt since it is he cheapest amongst the menus. But after I got a chance to spoke with the Owner Floyd Calawag he upgraded it into a Hot Kawa bath with Coffee. A native coffee which is full of aroma from San Remegio, Antique. Hmmmmm coffee from San Remegio? Do they have plantation? I think i have to visit this place too, soon 🙂

Aside from the upgraded  service I also got a free rafting/ kayaking. Well I didn’t stay long, i only have to get a hotos and a short video so i could also help them promote the business. Free marketing kumbaga. There are many things to do in Calawag but i have not tried it since my time is limited. But i can be here any time every week, would you like to go with and mctravel together? Just let me know!


Entrance fee- PHP 25.00/person
Tibiao Fish Spa- PHP 119.00/30-min fish + 5-min foot massage
Picnic Table & Lumpiga- PHP 299.00/table
Native Gazebo- PHP 499.00/gazebo

Flavors of Kawa
Kawa Salt Bath- PHP 299.00/pax
Kawa Coffee Bath- PHP 399.00/pax
Kawa Wine Bath- PHP 599.00/pax

White-water River Kayaking
River Kayaking- PHP 499.00/30-min
Kayaking Downstream- PHP 899.00/person

• Eliz Tree House- PHP 299.00/pax/night (max. 8 pax)
• Kyffer’s Bahay-Kubo- PHP 349.00/pax/night (max. 4 pax)
• Azumi’s Native Hut- PHP 299.00/pax/night (max. 4 pax)

Breakfast- PHP 149.00/pax
Lunch/Dinner- PHP 199.00/pax
Boodle lunch- PHP 249.00/pax ?

I would like to invite everyone out there to come out and experience Antique. There are many places , a good places to unwind. And if you happen to visit Tibiao Fish Spa and the Calawag you may directly contact Mike/ Julie 09174503121. Experience Kiniray a Hospitality.


Accommodation: 1,000.00 includes unlimited fish spa, one time kawa bath, Breakfast and Dinner

Habal-habal- Tibiao Fish Spa- Calawag- 200.00

Caticlan- Tibiao-Caticlan- 267.00

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