MCTravel: Survived The Osmeńa Peak

Osmena Peak

Without any morning hassle we immediately ride a tricycle towards the town to get a motorcycle going to Osmena Peak. Along the road while still on the tricycle a habalhabal driver asking us if we were going to the peak. So when we get off from the tricycle he offered his assistance.

We got 3 motorcycles (2 passengers per motorcycle). P200.00 per pax back and fort. The peak was 30 minutes ride from the town and another 30 minutes walk to get to the peak. Once you arrived you have to register and pay 35 pesos per pax entrance fee. You may also buy souvenir shirts for 250.00

The road was filled with fog, a heavy fog and a very cold place. Not surprisingly it is the Vegetable basket of Cebu. You will see a huge plantation of different vegetables along the way side by side. The Christmas season adds up a foggy weather compare to summer time where fog is lesser. But fog won’t make us sad even zero visibility hamper our picture taking. Our cameras started to get moist, strong winds can not even make us a good pose. Nevertheless, we were so happy together. Laughing like no other thing can make us happy but our presence.

We Ate Mar, Maures, and Inday Desire are childhood buddies. Reminiscing our younger days were we were able to smoke, Hope and Stork brands, made of paper, and a leaf of Lomboy or black cherries. We also have my brother and cousin Wendell who also share a good memories when travelling.

It was our first travel together and i can say it really made my days more meaningful. That when surrounded by good people you won’t worry anything. Because their presence is a stress reliever. Despite the odds that life may bring, family is what we need for. Whom I can say YOU complete me.

Our first travel was a bomb. With a lot of KATANGAHAN. and ME who already sense i will fall or slip. Tsadaaah It happened! ME who keep bringing the TRIPOD which has no use at all because i forgot the lock. ME whom my expensive bag have been left behind on a bus! Me who almost left my expensive phone at the resort. IT WAS ME WHO SHARES MOST OF THE KATANGAHAN.

Here are some photos during our happiest travel to Osmena Peak in Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu.

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