Pandan Oreo Ice Cream

Its so nice to be home during Christmas because there is no other place than to be with your family on such celebration. And most Filipinos really give time to be home and cook their favorite foods for Noche Buena. In Cebu we are busy preparing foods for Noche Buena like humba, pancit, spaghetti and a lot more by ourselves.

I am sharing here my own version of an ice cream. Not totally my own but I made it with a twist. This is my second attempt to make a not-so-sweet- ice cream which my friends enjoyed. Previously I used a Cooking cream and this time i used All Purpose Cream.


Here’s what I prepare for this years noche buena.


1 1Liter All Purpose Cream

3 Can of (small) Condensed milk.

5 Packs of Oreo.

40 grms Gelatin, I used this to hold the mixture.

1 Teaspoon Vanilla extract.

1 Teaspoon Pandan extract.


Its easier to have an electric mixer than doing it manually using a wire whisk. Well its okay if you have the strength to continuously mix the cream for 20 minutes 🙂 while it will only take you 1 minute by going to use an electric mixer. The speed of the mixer was at #6. You will see on the next picture that the mixture doubled.

After  minute I started pouring the remaining ingredients, condensed milk, gelatin, vanilla extract and the pandan extract as my flavoring. Just make sure that you will not over-mix the cream as it will not make a good ice cream as you want.

If you are not using an electric mixer make sure that you have incorporated all the ingredients.


Mixing the last ingredient, Oreo.

Wanna know and see the final touch? Hmmmmm i will post it after the Noche buena.

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