MCTravel: Puro Island, Romblon

“I want to fill my life with adventures, stories to tell, not stuff to show”.

Who would have thought that I sets my foot in Sibuyan Island? From Boacay Island I am alsways waiting for a summer season because this is the best time to shoot the Island of Sibuyan.  But ugh, I really could not get one.

On July 28, 2017 I was invited to visit Santa Fe, Romblon. I was thinking that it is still part of the Carabao Island in San Jose, Romblon. That is only an hourtravel from Boracay. And the Island is just adjacent to Puka Beach. After an hour of fighting waves with our small boat I noticed that we are already far from Carabao Island. I was wrong. Super duper wrong. Santa Fe is another Island of Romblon 🙂

Traveling during Habagat season is quite not recommended. The waves and water current were so strong. Fortunately, God has heard our prayers to let us pass safely because I prayed it a week ago due to active low pressure area in the Visayas.

We arrived exactly 2 hours in the house of Kuya Antonio. Just as the rain the wind  and the waves started. Thank you again my Lord because if not, we all be dead wet and even die from that catastrophe with our small boat.Puro Island 

Puro isand is located in Sitio Puro, Guinbirayan, Santa Fe in Romblon. It has a total of 80 households with over 300 voters. Its a small island with a fine white sand beach. Clear water. Clean surroundings.

Fronting is Boracay Island. My Temporay Shelter

It is owned by a Geman businessman in the Phillipines. It is a vacation resort but is open to everyone who might stay here. Take note that it is the only Resort in the Island where you can stay longer. The room is big that can accommodate up to 10 pax for 750.00. There is another room for 850/ night with a huge dining and kitchen areas.

In the Island you cannot find any grocery stores. Not even the Resort. So when coming here please buy and bring all stuff that you might needed especially food and water. Although the Resort staff can you your food but with additional payment. Just like when I had diner i paid 150.00 (fish). I was happy to tell that this Island has a source of electricity. However internet connection for Smart users was somehow so slow or no signal at all. So bring a Globe sim.

At night the Resort was so quite and dim. No lights outside you room not even a single bulb at the beach area. Good thing you can set up a bonfire. This is awesome thing you can experience. A bonfire over a bucket of beers or wine? Oh yeah, it was refreshing in mind.

Now I cant wait to hit the beach and touch the sands.  The sand is not as powdery as to Boracay Island. One of the source of living is the cultured seaweeds. Oh you like seaweeds? We call it goso in Cebu. You just simply blanch it and put vinegar, onions, ginger etc. Cultured seaweeds is one of their living. In just 1 week the seaweeds can weigh up to 2 kilograms.


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