MCTravel: Simala Shrine

Just a quick visit and bonding to Simala Shrine or as commonly known Simala in Carcar City North of Cebu Province. I just had a one day stay with my family in Jaclupan last September 26 which is also my flight day back to the island of Boracay.

When i woke up around 8AM my auntie told me that my cousin Aireen was inviting to go to Simala. I asked how much time will be consumed because i need to be at the airport not later than 7PM. Gladly, it will only take us 2 hours from Jalupan to Simala. Without any further discussions every took a bath as quick as they can because they knew that I a man of urgency.

We arrived Carcar City exactly noon time. We bought some lechon, seaweeds and other stuff for lunch. Then we took our lunch at the bay side after or near the Plaza. This place is a port area where there were 4 to 5 sheds with tables for people who will come and eat here.

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