MCTravel: Sniba-a Falls

Sniba-a Falls

I tried looking for a nearer place from Boracay or just within Aklan where I can spend days off and a little photography with Mother Nature. You know, trying hard to get the best picture of the nature, foods and trips.

I found this place a month ago through facebook page. And one of the ASU- Ibajay teacher showed me some photos of the river.

“You will never be alone with nature”. Roughly an hour from the town proper of Ibajay you will reached this beautiful God’s creation. The sounds of a humming birds, crickets, and a  fresh air that soothes through your veins. How relaxing, indeed.

Mobile signals are hard to get. But there is electricity so you can charge you gadgets when needed. The Mother of Jec shared to us that their monthly electricity bill was only or less than 200 pesos and water bill is only 10.00 per month. Yes, TEN as in 10.00 pesos per month. Can I live here?


From the town proper of Ibajay, just beside the 7/11 store you will find a habal-habal (motorcycle). Travel time was roughly 30 minutes or less to Aparicio Elementary School. This is the only drop off point or it depends on your guide but this is only direct and safest I can  suggest. Transportation costs 200 pesos per motorcycle which is good for 4- 5 persons. Imagine that? 5 persons including the driver? But in our case we paid 200 pesos for 2 riders per motorcycle for safety reasons. The road was in fact in a good condition and the road concreting was on going perhaps only a small portion of the road were still being work out. 

We arrived at the house of Jec, one of the ASU-Ibajay students who were part of my 2 days training. Her mother have had prepared a banana, bread and coffee. Of course I choose banana over a bread. Then a super busog lunch.

Thank you Nanay 🙂


First I brought some energy drink at 7/11 so to re-hydrate us for this another tiring and exhausting trek. To my surprise, we were not able to consume it. The way going to the falls was just so easy. Sisiw! There are stairs along the way leading up to the falls.

Along The Way

Pine tress are being planted the area.

Dabong mo diha.

Pineapples everywhere.

In Cebu we called this “pugon” where the “copra” is being cooked? I really do not know hahahahaha. Basta pugon ni siya.

The Fall/s

Here are some of the photos of our one day adventure. We spent around almost 2 hours here. The cold water and the strong current of the water that massages your back. Unfortunately “medyo masakit po eh”

Sniba-a Falls is good for travelling friends of 10-15 pax as the area cannot accommodate larger groups. If the local tourism office will work this out again it would be better to create a booking system so as not to disappoint some tourist if the area is too crowded. I heard some foreigners where already visiting the falls but as of today the area is no longer maintained. The planned restroom is in left unfinished.

So if you happen to visit Sniba-a falls you may get help from Jec who are a resident in Aparicio. Their house is at the foot of the mountain. You may also buy some foods in Ibajay market and his Mother will gladly cook this for you. Of course, please pay for cooking charge even if they won’t ask for it. Jec’s mother is also a health worker in Aparicio.

Jec Mobile Number: +63 930 2516 538. Its up to you how much you will give to Jec if he happen to be guiding you. As a standard fees in nearby municipality like Antique they charge 250.00/ guide for 5 tourists. Giving more is the better 🙂

Thanks to Rap and EA also who took part of my adventure. Until next time 🙂

After Sniba-a falls we dive in at Aparicio River.

MCTravel Na!

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