Travel: MES and MNHS Reunion

4th Year Get Together (Magdugo Elementary & High School Batch)

This is the 4th get together of Elementary and High School batch.  Even if the numbers were shorter than expected we were still happy to see new faces this year. We however appreciate all the effort from you by providing your precious time to be with us. For so many year we separate from each other here we are still longing for each others compassionate times. Guys, whatever life may bring odd to us always remember that “God Will Provide”. That is my motto that only Jesus with utmost faith can lift our lives. Stay humble and compassionate toward the needy and all your sacrifices shall be rewarded 🙂

We would like to mention our friends who also shares their monetary help and brought some foods.

Jeyno Abell P1,000.00, Emeliano Alcoseba P1,000.00, Gernil Basut P1,000.00, Rondel P1,000.00 Ites and Ar-ar P500.00, Jayward P400.00, Ethel P200.00, Erik P200.00,

Lynde nga lamia kaayo ang saging ug ginamos, abay Ronnie sa lamiang Biko, Ethel sa manok, Imyat sa Manok Bisaya, bay Raul sa iyahang speaker, abay Ronald ug Najeed sa nagbaha nga ilimnon.


Lechon: P5,500.00

Cottage: P700.00

Electricity: P300.00

Soft Drinks: P360.00

Poso: P200.00

Water and Disposables: P100.00

Total Expenses: P7,160.00

Total Cash: P5,300.00 (negative P1,860.00)

Thank you guys for coming.

Tentative Date for 2017 Reunion: November

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