Travel: Sirao Flower Farm, Cebu City

This flower garden has gone viral this year. With online photos scattered all around facebook. My vacation was too short that even visiting the Osmena Peak in Manatalongon Dalaguete was not really properly planned. It was only because of my aunt, Ate Mar who would really want to gather her childhood buddies, Inday Desire and Maures and of course the Prinsipe. (also read:

Back to Sirao Flower Farm. I only decided to go here on the day itself past 9 in the morning on December 20. By which my cousin Wendell immediately responded and even said that a visit to this flower farm is a worth. He called the other cousins IJ and pamangkin Angging and let’s go.

I find it hard to get a taxi toward JY Square in Lahug (this is the area where habalhabal or motorcycle located that will bring you to Sirao Flower Farm), we were 5 in a group and taxis would not allow us all to take a ride because only 4 which is the maximum number of passenger that will be allowed. So I took IJ and Angging with me and Wendell and my brother Ronnel took another taxi. Each taxis from Gaisano Tabunok to JY Square costs P190.00. Not bad, taxi is more convenient and less traffic.

We took our lunch at mcdonalds while the habalhabal driver were waiting for us. We don’t know yet how much would be the fare. Until the head driver approached us and told us its P350.00 per head. God! that was too much. I get a taxi and asked how much is the fare. Take note that taxis are going to charge more,  doubled than the habal habal. He asked for P1,000.00 one way.

Then habal2 driver approached  me again and says that the price was still negotiable and so i told him that the distance of Sirao farm is the same as Dalaguate town to Osmena Peak. So I asked him if they could charge the same which is P200.00 per head.

Since we are visiting also the Temple of Leah after the Sirao Farm, I grab the P1,400.00 for 3 motorcycles from JY Square-Sirao Garden-Temple of Leah- JY Square. That price is a good deal. If you have your own wheels much better, and use the traffic apps or the WAZE apps to guide you. But if none, P150.00-P200.00 per head is a great deal.

Sirao Flower garden looks amazing. With different colors and the view of the mountain that was breathtaking. Some of the flowers were harvested and replanted as preparation for the upcoming Sinulog 2017 or for the peak seaon where flowers blooms everywhere from the Month of April to November. Some neighborhood were also planting their own backyard so as to make money from this untimely business.  There weere refreshments outside the garden where I drunk 3 glasses of Buko Juice. Uhhhhmmmm not a usual buko juice from Manila vendors. Its really refreshing! Iba ka talaga Cebu!

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